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     The short answer is get a good virus protection program.  Norton and McAfee are the two most popular ones right now.  I still use Norton even though they have had some problems in the last two years.  Because of those problems I am no longer recommending Norton as THE best program out there.  It is still ONE of the best but Norton's problems seem to be ever present in the last couple years and Symantec (Norton's manufacturer) dosn't even want to acknowledge that they have problems at all and sometimes even charge YOU to fix problems that are inherent in their own products.  There are also some pretty good virus protection programs that are FREE off the internet (AVG is one).  Your internet service provider may also offer a free virus protection program but it is usually NOT automatically done for you.  You have to seek it out and download it and install it yourself. 
     A detailed discussion is under "Virus & Spyware Removal" elsewhere on this site.  Also check out my newsletter for the latest on virus protection.

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