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Rates and Fees

The following rates are as of April 1, 2006 and are subject to change without notice. 

All rates are at $50.00/Hr.  This includes on-site services within the immediate service area of Saratoga Springs.  This area includes from Clifton Park to the south to Glens Falls to the north and from Greenwich to the east to Rock City Falls to the west.  Outside that area, additional travel expenses will be charged depending on location.

In addition to the hourly rate, there are some services that are on a flat fee basis.  They are as follows:



training (details) 

$100 per 2 hour session

Complete redoc*


backup of Hard drive $50
On-site evaluation only $50
Memory installation** $30
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* A Complete Redoc is when a hard drive is so corrupt (without any physical damage) that it needs to be completely backed up, erased, reformatted and a complete reinstall of all software.  Computer must be taken off site.  Allow 3-5 business days for completion.

** Memory installation is on site and consists of removal of case cover, installation of memory and reassembly of case cover.  Memory is then tested.  Price does not include cost of memory cards.  This can be done on site in less than an hour.  Thus the lower price.  However, if any other services are required, additional charges will apply.

Warranties - All computer parts are covered by manufacturer's warranties.  I only use parts that are warranted at least one year.  Some important parts are warranted for three years (like motherboards, processors and monitors), hard drives are warranted for five years, memory has a lifetime warranty. 

Labor is warranted for only 30 days because if I do something wrong, it will be obvious within a few days and after 30 days it probably wasn't my fault anyway.

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