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     My name is Norm Mendenhall and I have been involved in the sciences and electronics since college and the Air Force in the mid-sixties.  Since there were no home PCs when I was in college, I am completely self taught when it comes to computers.  I have learned computers inside and out from the "trenches" so to speak.  I moved from NYC to Saratoga Springs in 1980 and I progressed from tinkering with my own computer to teaching beginning computer adult education classes at the local Middle School to starting my own business on a shoe string in a workshop in the back of my garage.  Where else?  Don't all computer geeks start in garages? 
     The only difference is that I am still working out of my garage because I am a one-man operation and I plan on staying that way.  I specialize in PERSONALIZED service.  When you call me on the phone you get ME and no one else (well maybe my wife once in a while) and if you can't get me on my land line I almost always have my cell phone with me.

What does this mean to you?

     Several things.  For instance, when you call me you actually get a HUMAN on the phone, no menu, no secretary, no answering service.  You MAY get my answering machine if I am on a call or out of my office, but then you can always try my cell phone next.  Also, when you have a computer question, you get a computer answer immediately.  This also means that you have a good chance of getting your questions answered or your problems solved during your call or the same day!!  And when necessary, I come to you, no need to pack up your computer and schlep it to some store, wait in line, fill out some forms and talk to someone who will probably never do any of the work on your computer anyway.  Personalized service is simply that.  I answer the phone.  I answer your questions.  I pick up and deliver your computer if necessary.  I do all the work on your computer.  I teach you how to use your computer.  I order all the parts necessary to fix your computer.  You deal with no one except me.  I don't think I have to tell you how unusual that is in this age of NON personalized service. 

What Others Say About My Services 

     Forget the Geek Squad, forget college kids who think they can fix your computer.  Norm has been doing this for many a fortnight and it shows in his work.  I've had him work on several of my computers over the last year and his work is always exemplary.  And he makes house calls usually by the next day!  And he charges a very fair price, less than techies with a fraction of his knowledge and skill.  On top of that, he is a true "Gentleman and a scholar" always a pleasure to do business with.  Once I found him, I wouldn't consider letting anyone else touch my computers.  - Robert    

      Fast service, fair price, personal attention and he comes to me!!  What more could you ask for? - Pat

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