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There is an old saying that says, "You can't have too much memory" and that is basically true.  But sometimes it is not economically feasible to have the maximum amount of memory that your system can handle and for some systems you don't need the maximum. 

A good rule of thumb is get at least 512 MB if you are running Windows XP.  There are many computer manufacturers (even Dell) who are selling computers with Windows XP on it and only 256 MB (megabytes) of memory.  This is almost criminal in my estimation.  XP will never run up to its full potential with only 256 MB of memory (RAM).  It wants at least twice that and ideally FOUR times that or 1 GB (gigabyte) of memory. 

The new Windows Vista wants at least 1 GB and twice that is recommended.  As you can see, the newer programs require more memory and that is going to continue to happen for a long time so get as much memory as you can afford.

The good news is that memory prices (and all computer parts) are frequently going down so you can get more memory than ever before for a price lower than ever before.

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