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Data Recovery

    How many of you have had a problem on your computer and thought that it was so bad that you had lost all your work for the last month/year/decade!  It happens to all of us.  We know we should back up our work but seldom do.  We know we should be more diligent but seldom are.

    All is not lost.  The good news is that almost all your data can be recovered in MOST circumstances (there are of course exceptions in life and this is no different).  Most times, even if you get hit with a really nasty virus, I can retrieve and save your valuable data and then set you up with an easy backup system so it won't happen again.

    My regular hourly rate is applicable here (see Rates and Fees).  It can usually be done in less than two hours unless you have a major hard drive malfunction and NOTHING can be retrieved from your hard drive.  Then there is still an option to get it off but at that stage your data must be REALLY important because companies that provide that service usually cost the better part of $1,000 or more!!

    My service, however, can get most of your valuable data back again at a minimal cost.  Contact me for further information.

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