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Welcome to Norm's Online Computer Newsletter!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Newsletter

Who is getting this newsletter?

I have put on the list the email addresses of my computer customers who have expressed a desire to receive something like this. Also friends and/or relatives who have asked my advice about computers over the last year or so have been added. With the establishment of this web site, anyone can subscribe to the newsletter at any time.

What will be in the newsletter?

I live computers almost all day, every day and it is my chosen profession to keep up with what is happening in the computer world. Most of you don't have the interest or the time necessary to keep up with this fast-paced business but are still interested in getting information that is pertinent to your computer experience and how it affects you. I find out things pretty soon after they happen and can pass that information along to you instantaneously through this newsletter.

For example, when Service Pack 2 came out for Windows XP I found out two days after it came out that it had real problems and was crashing computers. In fact, it crashed one of my own computers. If I had had the newsletter set up then, I could have notified you within 24 hours the details of what I discovered so you wouldn't have had to make the same mistake I did. Things of this nature that I feel are important to all of you will occupy space in the newsletter.

How often will I receive the newsletter?

I will not live on a schedule for the newsletter. When something happens that I feel is important, I'll send it out. If it is really important, it will go out as a "flash bulletin" at any time it happens. About every few weeks or so I'll pass along non-critical information that I have discovered that I feel you might be interested in. So it may be two or three times a month sometimes and no times a month at other times depending on what happens in the computer world.

Does the newsletter cost anything?

No, the newsletter is entirely free. 

Will my email address be sold or will I get spam because I subscribe? 

I will never sell my list (I doubt that anyone would want to buy it anyway). I am sending this out in a way that your email address can't even be seen or used by anyone else who subscribes to this newsletter.   I will recommend a product from time to time that I think you might be interested in and that in my opinion is the best one on the market.  But those decisions that I make are based solely on my opinion of the merits of the product alone and unlike other newsletter writers, I get nothing back from any of the products or manufacturers that I recommend. I recommend them simply because I think they are the best and it is my opinion only!

What if I don't want this newsletter?

I don't want anyone on my list who does not want to be on it. If you choose not to remain on the list, simply reply to any issue of the newsletter and ask to be removed. That will be the end of it and I will not pass along your email address to anyone else.

What additional information can I expect to see in the newsletter?

Just about anything that I feel the majority of you might be interested in.  But I want YOU to have some ownership in this newsletteras well so if there is something you would like to see in the newsletter, feel free to contact me and let me know what it is.  If I feel that your idea could be of interest to all the subscribers, then I'll include it in the next issue.  Otherwise the content of the newsletter will be what is in the news about computers and related items such as software and hardware that is new.

How long will my subscription last?

There is no actual subscription length and I hate record keeping so as long as you do nothing to remove yourself from the list, you will stay on the list until I decide to stop sending out the newsletter and I have no idea or plans on how long I will do this. I'll just keep doing it for as long as I have the time and ability to do so and as long as your email address stays current or you notify me of a change, things will remain as they are.  If you change your email address and don't notify me of the change, you will be dropped from the list after your address gets returned to me as being invalid three times in a row.

What's the catch? What are you getting out of it?

There really is no catch. I get no monetary gain from this. About the only thing I could expect as a monetary gain would be repeat business from you in the future as a result of the information you get from me. Just keeping my name in your mind means repeat business if you are satisfied with what you get.  But I am mostly doing this as a service to my customers and friends because I feel this is information that you need to know that you can't get without a lot of effort on your part somewhere else. Effort that you don't have the desire or time to get on your own. I research other newsletters similar to this and glean out all the advertising and non-essential information and include only what I think you will be interested in. This way you don't have to wade through all the non-essential stuff on the web to get the things you need. This also helps me save time by keeping me from having to say the same things to each of you individually.

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to contact me with other questions at any time. As long as the volume remains at a manageable level, I'll answer as soon as I am able. If I feel your question and its related answer is of interest to the entire subscriber list, I'll include it in the next issue.

What if I have a friend or relative that I think might want to get the newsletter?

I have no limit as to the number of people on the list and neither do I have any requirements to get on the list. Again, I don't want anyone on my list who doesn't want to be there, but by the same token, anyone who is genuinely interested in getting this information need only send me an email and request to be added. No catches, no nothing.

So that's it. I hope this will be a pleasant experience for everyone and maybe even save you some headaches in the future.

All the past issues of the newsletter are listed here so you can read them anytime you wish.

Issue #1

Issue #2

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