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Custom Built New Computers or

Rebuild your Old Computer

Many people think that if a computer is not built by a "big name" manufacturer that it is not as good.  Not so.  In fact, in the trend to build a computer for under $500 these days, all the big name manufacturers are cutting corners on quiality to build the cheapest computer possible.  And what YOU need is not as important to them as the final price.

Well, I am here to point out a better way to get exactly what YOU want in a computer. 

First, answer three questions:

1.  What do I want to do with my computer NOW?

2.  What do I THINK I want to do with my computer in the future?

3.  What is my maximum budget to spend on a new computer?

Free Price Quote

Once I have the answers to those three questions, I can build you the best computer for your needs and it will last you for a much longer time than the $500 computers you see at Best Buy or Wal*Mart or other box stores.   I usually give you two free quotes for two different systems, explain the differences between the two so you have a choice to fit your budget.

Rebuild Your Old Computer

Do you already have an older computer?  Great!  That means that some of the parts from your old computer can be re-used in your new computer keeping costs down.  How many of those parts are able to be re-used is always a question but if your computer is less than 5 years old, chances are there are some parts that can be re-used. 

Computer Parts

I only use top-of-the-line parts in all the computers that I custom build for you.  I use Intel Processors EXCLUSIVELY.  All parts I use have the best and longest warrantees in the industry (at least one year and as much as 5 years). 

 Operating System

With me, you get your choice of operating systems that you want.  I am still making computers that use Windows XP as the operating system of choice.  Windows VISTA has turned out to be a disaster for Microsoft and I refuse to even consider putting that on a computer that I build.  Most manufacturers are no longer giving you a choice any more.  Most desk top computers and almost ALL laptop computers have Windows 7 on them now and although Windows 7 is looking pretty good so far, it is still new and I won't recommend it until it has a proven track record.  However, when I build a computer, it is READY to put Windows 7 on it when the time is right.  But if you really want Windows 7, I can do that as well and give you an explanation of all the different costs and choices of the many different kinds of Widows 7 that are available.

 Your Old Data is SAFE

Not to worry!!!  Your address book, your old email, your precious family pictures, your buisness documents and all your other important data is installed on your new or rebuilt computer at no additional cost!

 Delivery and Installation

Your new or rebuilt computer will be delivered to your doorstep, set up at a location of your choice, hooked up and wired, attached to your printer, scanner or other peripherals and completely installed and working before I leave your location.  That includes setting up your printer or other devices and everything tested and working before I leave all at no additional charge!!  You won't get that at the box stores!

Dell won't do that.  Gateway won't do that.  HP won't do that.  None of the major players will do that - BUT I WILL!!!


My job is not done when I walk out the door after delivery and set up of your new system.  You will probably have questions a few days after I leave.  Not to worry, I'll be available by phone and I'll also answer the phone personally when I am home so you can get tech help almost 16 hours a day (10 a.m. to 2 a.m.).  And if you need additional training on your computer later on, I am always here to help.

Individual Attention

I am a one-man operation.  You deal with only me.  From the first time I come to your house until you are copletely satisfied, I personaly take care of all the details for you.  However, I can only give this personalized service to a finite number of people and I won't take on customers unless I know I can still deliver the quality care that you deserve.  THAT is what makes me different from the rest of the guys.  THAT is what makes my business special.  It is the personal touch that makes the difference.

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