My computer is running really slowly. What is wrong?

     There are many things that can slow down a computer's speed.  Most of them have to do with Spyware or Adware as they are called.  These are small programs basically designed to separate you from your money.  They are all competing against each other to gain your attention in one way or another and during that competition for your attention, it slows down the operation of your computer.  The good news is that they are fairly easy to get rid of and when you do get rid of them, your computer is almost completely returned to its original state with no permanent damage done.  Of course things are constantly changing so that may not always hold true in the future.
There are several good spyware protection and irradication programs out there and many of them are free.  But beware of installing more than one of the same type of program because they can sometimes work against each other and slow down your computer also.  Then the solution can potentially become another problem!!