As part of the personalized services that I provide, training people how to use their computers is probably one of the most important but overlooked facits of your computing life.  You get a computer, you bring it home or to your offfice and plug it in and start using it.  However, that computer has capabilities beyond your imagination as to its capabilities and features.  Many people wind up only using a small percentage of what even a simple computer is capable of.    
     But that is human nature and quite common these days.  You can find courses at the local schools and/or universities about basics, Windows, advanced operation of certain programs like office programs or financial programs or you can muddle along yourself trying your best to learn it on your own.   However, these courses as good as they are, by nature must be geared to the person in the class that is the least experienced and therein lies one of the main problems of teaching a class in computers.  I know, I did that teaching for four years at the Middle School here in Saratoga.
     However, it doesn't have to be that way.  I can come to YOUR home or office and teach you what YOU want to learn at YOUR level on YOUR computer on YOUR schedule when YOU want it done.  I can teach one-on-one with a single person or a whole family or office on just about any topic of your choosing.  Yes it is more expensive per hour to do this but your learning is more concentrated and focused on only what you wish to accomplish and you can do it at your own pace and you never have to leave the comfort of your own home or office to have it done.
     I recommend either one or two hour sessions spaced significantly apart so that you can practice what you learn between sessions.   Anything more than two hours is too much infomation to absorb and the session gets less and less productive after two hours.  Many people start off with only one hour sessions and that is fine and probably a good idea when you are starting a new project.
     So don't rule out training as part of your tools to best take advantage of what your computer can do for YOU!  After all, the computer is designed to make your life easier and it can do that best if you know how best to operate it.