Viruses & Parasites

Viruses and Parasites

     Probably THE most common problems that can impact on your computer life are viruses and parasites.  There are literally hundreds of thousands of different kinds of viruses and parasites that can infect your computer and there are many different ways that they can reach your computer.  Since each different individual virus or parasite does different things to your computer there is no one solution to all of the potential problems that you may encounter.   That's the bad news.  The good news is that there is a combination of things you can do to block ALMOST all of those potential hazzards.   

Symptoms of Viruses and Parasites

     Some of the things you will notice about viruses is your computer suddenly changing its "personality" and by that I mean it starts to do some strange things that it never has done before.  Parasite problems usually manifest themselves in subtle ways like your computer slowing down or going to places you never told it to or just a gradual lack of overall performance that you experienced when you first got it.
     Those are considered in the broad term of Parasites (other common terms used are spyware and adware).  The good news about parasites is that when they are removed, your computer is back to normal the way it was before you encountered your problems.
     Viruses are another matter, however.  They usually attack Windows which is on most computers.  They can affect Windows operation files and corrupt them.  That means that even though you may be able to remove the virus, the removal process could very well delete a file that is necessary to run Windows properly.  Since there are so many different viruses out there, it is difficult to say which virus you will get and what it will do to your computer.


     Fully 80% of my computer calls are either directly or indirectly related to viruses and/or parasites so I have a lot of experience dealing with them.
     I can fix all your virus/parasite problems.  Parasite problems can be fixed on site.  Virus problems could be fixed on site depending on the virus.  The bottom line is to make sure you have all the virus and parasite protecting programs to protect you from these problems BEFORE you encounter them AND be sure you keep them up-to-date!.  I have those solutions as well.